Sunday, January 20, 2013

A {FREE} Joshua Printable

It feels like winter here in Iowa today. In true Iowa fashion we went from 50 degrees, bike riding, and playing in the park yesterday, to 7 frigid degrees today. A good day to  stay in with a hot cup of tea and work on a printable to share. 

I don't know your circumstances.  You may be going through one of life's lows right now. Remember these words found in Joshua.... Be strong and courageous...The Lord your God will be with you! 

The Joshua 1.9 print is 8x10 and will be available for one week for followers of Design with Life ONLY.  It only takes a second over on the side...thanks!  These prints represent hours of my time invested in designing them... so please follow along. And while you're at it "like" my Facebook page to stay up to date on all the shop announcements!

UPDATE: If you had trouble downloading this print, it seems as if the previous site I was using for sharing files changed their settings I have switched to MediaFire... 
and I'm hoping you can download this without a problem! 

HERE is the Link for the print!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of our prints!


  1. I love this printable, but I think it is actually Joshua 1:9

    1. Joshua it is! Just making sure everyone was awake :)

  2. DiscoveringTeacable Moments~ When you click on the link it takes you to the site where the file is stored. There is a blue button for downloading. When clicked, it downloads. I can email it to you if I know your email...

  3. for some reason, errors appeared after i clicked on download button like you said. can you please send me the file? that will be wonderful. Thanks for putting it together!!

  4. Hello again! I had another person tell me about the errors. I'm not sure what changed... it's always worked in the past. However, I've switched file sharing sites. Would you mind trying again?

    Have a great day~

  5. Thank you. I am now able to download through the other site.