Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another {FREE} Fall Printable!

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom {10.5.11}
Today, our free print is another leaf in the fall series.  While designing it I thought the leaf was more different but after putting the two together in the wall grouping they look quite similar!  Leaves are like snowflakes...each one is different.  That's amazing to me.  I would run out of ideas on how to make each one unique and different! 

Philippians 4.4 Leaf Print

Here is an idea of a wall grouping for fall...  

The Philippians 4.4 print is 8x10 and will be available for one week for followers of Design with Life.  It only takes a second over on the side...thanks!  These prints represent hours of my time invested in designing them... so please follow along. And while you're at it "like" my Facebook page to stay up to date on all the shop announcements! 

HERE is the Link for the print!

Design with Life has a giveaway going on!  Here is the link to WIN!  


  1. This is one of my favourite Bible verses. I like the creative way you used it on an autumn (sorry! 'Fall') leaf! Thank you for sharing the link. I would like to file it away until next year (we are in Spring here in Australia.) God bless x

  2. Hi Karen, thank you for following my blog! I missed your comment until just now! You are welcome to save it until fall! I'm kind of wishing I could skip right back to spring again~

  3. Shoot, I just found your blog and missed these awesome leaves. I really like them. And they look so great together with the frames you used!!

  4. Judy~ if you are a follower send me your email and I'll email you the print of your choice :) Thanks for finding us!

  5. Wow, Thank you!! I'd love "this is the day" My email is: Jetisdale(at)comcast(dot)net. Again thank you!!!

  6. These are gorgeous! I missed the leaves too, can you email me both by chance?

  7. Oooh, bummer - just found this too (along with another ones "Motivational Prints" apple and pear) and they are gone? I just stumbled upond this site today, is it too late to get them? Thanks a bunch, now I need to sign up to be your follower so I won't miss any of this great prints :-)

    ghalim at yahoo dot com

  8. Are these available for purchase somewhere on etsy? I'd love a copy of them as I'm excitedly celebrating the fall season for the first time after give years of teaching overseas in East Africa... if you could get me a link or something I'd love it, thanks!

    lucas.crystal at gmail dot com